Sep 3, 2009

Chasing A Little Ball

This is a splendiferous time of the year. The summer heat is making a retreat. The leaves are changing. It rained all night and we awoke to crisper almost autumnal air. And, of course, (American) football season begins tonight!

I have been revisiting Marie Louise von Franz’s books for a quote about why men get so excited about other men chasing a little ball all over a field. I think she boils it down to the struggle we all face, the opposing forces that tear us apart. Those forces are supposed to tear us apart and push us towards that maturation which Jungians call Individuation. Jungian terms can be awkward, to say the least, but this is a refreshing view of life. Life’s struggles have a point, to draw out and grow what is essential in us. This is completely at odds with the bizarre modern dictum that happiness is the goal of life.

I’ll find that von Franz quote and post a follow up but am too busy making sure the correct sports packages are lined up with my satellite provider and making other preparations for watching all those men chase that little ball around the field. Go Vols!