Oct 11, 2009

Guardian Introduces Kindle

Yesterday The Guardian ran a piece by Nicholas Baker. He introduces the UK to the Kindle. Here's a slice of his excellent writing:

"This was what they were calling e-paper? This four-by-five window on to an overcast afternoon? Where was paper white, or paper cream? Where were sharp black letters laid out like lacquered chopsticks on a clean tablecloth?"

A longer version was originally printed in The New Yorker on 3 August 2009. He ultimately moves beyond the compromise of technology to lose himself to The Lincoln Lawyer, but how can you not look at e-readers and remember the days when you waited and waited for web pages to load or video took a step back into jerky and murky? This is the real conundrum of advancing technology. Hope carries us to the imperfect machines and buggy code. I'm still a fan of letterpress and believe that a well designed book is like a window onto the writing. If the window is clean, you do not notice it.