Feb 11, 2010

Stoner Trapped In Bathroom

I am grateful that a book club picked up my novel, A Particular Obedience, for their January book and especially appreciate their kind words. As bonus material for them, I thought I’d post a chapter that did not make it into the printed book.

The sections and chapters that were cut out of the book dealt with the men in the story or the other women. Only the matriarch, Margaret, and her granddaughter, Stockard, are the subjects of the book as it now stands. I still find it odd that readers like Seth Griffin so much; I trimmed his presence to a minimum in an effort to spotlight the two women.

So much trimming took place that I still have enough material to form a Griffin Trilogy, but I have no plans on writing anymore about them.

Other things that were taken out included excessive drug scenes, like the chapter posted. While I believe that excessive drug use is a perfect symbol of our (adult) spiritual neediness – along with alcoholism, overeating and the self-help movement – smarter editorial voices prevailed. Gratuitous sex and drugs were cut. I have been trying to use this scene of a stoner trapped in a bathroom for years.