Jun 5, 2010

Work work work means no time for blogging, but I have just finished the second draft of my next novel, How Jung Fluffed My Cotton Candy Powder Dreams.

I think my original goal for this book was to combine a Greg Stump film with Robertson Davies' Fifth Business, but with my own slant of course. What has emerged is something very different. Publication date is 2 December 2010. We'll see if I make it. I still have at least one more draft to do.

With the second draft, I have finished the main story and nailed up many of the major scenes, all in about 80,000 words. Now I turn to a chapter-by-chapter and paragraph-by-paragraph rewrite. This is much funner than the previous drafts.

It is my final baggage novel. I've written three novels so far. The first (working title Chemical Array) died in requested rewrites. I had no sympathy left for the characters and too many other stories to write. I have been tempted to bundle some of the better stories from that novel with some of my older short stories, but no one has shown the least little bit of interest in that idea. The second novel, A Particular Obedience, is my own Southern-strong-woman-post-feminism-castrate-men yarn. The third, the current work in progress, has become a story about psychoanalysis, skiing, food, and all of those other important things.