May 17, 2011

Title Change

Six out of six people - four in publishing, one in film and one with unassailable good taste - in less than a week said they did not like the title, How Jung Fluffed My Cotton Candy Powder Dreams. The title has been changed to Powder Dreams, the release date has been set for 1 October 2011, and it will be available in print, Kindle and ePub (including iBooks) versions. Here again is a description of the book:

After eight years of searching for perfect snow, Bo Grayson knows that every great day in the mountains can end with an avalanche. He has seen search and rescue on several avalanches. He has seen the bodies. Few survive.

Sometimes events or people or moods create their own avalanches. There is the dreaded avalanche of the home life, of the career, and even of the soul. Sometimes you feel the avalanche before it happens.

A haunting autumnal depression and a chance bookstore encounter lead Bo to a Jungian analysis. He digs through his past and takes a closer look at his friends. Some are larger than life and monstrous. He must reckon with his chosen profession as a Chicago trader and the insatiable drive to make more money. Most of all Bo must reconcile his own collection of clamoring voices, especially the ones that drive him into ever more dangerous territory.