Sep 29, 2011

Powder Dreams giveaway

Brave Ski Mom has reviewed and is giving away a signed copy of Powder Dreams. Here is a sample of the review:

"Powder Dreams is about a lot more than skiing. It never loses momentum and moves far beyond psychological introspection. I couldn't put it down."

The Summit Sojourner picked up her review here.

Sep 9, 2011

Final Revisions

Each one of the dog ears represents a revision for Powder Dreams. Being read and revised is always interesting. I have labored to avoid what I call the Suddenly Seems Syndrome, literary tics that stand in the way of a reader's fluid experience. A lot of writers use both "suddenly" and "seems" to distraction. I keep a running list of my own literary tics and was delighted when a reader found a new one, my use of the word "truly." In the ARC "truly" was used 13 times and not very well. In the final version it only appears 3 times.