Oct 6, 2011

Greg Stump, Skiing and Powder Dreams

Any novel that includes skiing in the 1980s or 1990s must include Greg Stump. Here's an excerpt from Powder Dreams:

"Greg Stump and his cadre of ski stars had by now carved an indelible place in the ski season... With The Blizzard of Aahhh’s skiing had changed. Stump’s films went from the well worn images of people skiing bumps or big powder to lunatics jumping off cliffs... Nearly everyone I knew watched his movies and found in them something distilled and crystallized, some statement about why they loved the mountains and skiing and why they loved, especially, the people. Stump was foremost a story teller and the very essence of a good story is the people."

Stump is the inspiraton for generations of ski filmmakers. If you'd like to see some of his movies - perfect slices of ski history - follow this link. In January (2012) he will be releasing Legend of Aahhh's, which he describes in an ESPN interview:

"The real storyline of the movie is, it's the history of ski films. From the 1930s in Nazi Germany through what the kids are doing today, and pretty much everything in between. And the way that those films helped perpetuate and promote big-mountain skiing, and really this whole extreme-sports movement."

Can't wait to see it.