Feb 20, 2012

Psychology Today Interview

I was interviewed by David Weiss, a blogger at Psychology Today. Here's a sampling:

Q: As you're writing, do you ever have a picture of the reader that will be attracted to that particular story?

A: At times in the past, I tried to imagine an audience of one, someone with whom I was sitting and telling a story. This technique never got me very far. One day I was driving back from a sporting clays shoot, which is one of my pastimes in the UK (they have great shoots here). I was listening to "Desert Island Discs" and Stephen King was on. He said that the very first person he tries to please when writing is himself. It was such a simple idea and yet so often overlooked. It has been my guide ever since. If I don't find the material interesting, few others will.

The interview covers a lot of ground: creative process, the link between writing and Jung for me, etc. The full interview may be found here.