Jun 5, 2013

More Notes on Plimpton

I was listening to On The Media's spot about George Plimpton. The spot was interesting because it tried to get at the core of Plimpton by examining his journalistic technique, which is perfectly natural as On The Media is a show about... mostly journalists.

What prompted the spot was a new movie about Plimpton, which I'm looking forward to seeing. Here's a link to my explanation about Plimpton. Here are some other links:

  • A New York Times article about the death of Plimpton and his perpetual book parties.
  • An interview with Ted Danson about many of his roles and how he read a book about Plimpton for his role in Bored To Death.
  • Finally, I cannot find a video clip of Plimpton as Tom Hank's father in Volunteers. He uses a great line about shunning a son.