Jun 6, 2013

Star Power

Today a New York Times article points out that movie stars no longer sell magazines. I used to be a huge fan of movies and recently wrote about my apathy towards movies and my love of Dexter. The Times article points out that "Top-notch stars often remain inaccessible and surrounded by handlers, reality television stars are opening up about their struggles with weight, romance and family, which readers grasp more than the musings of a flawless film star."

Somehow I think Ty Burr has a more precise explanation for what is really going on with our apathy towards films in his Gods Like Us. "What happens to stardom," he writes, "when we at last becomes stars ourselves?"

But I also think maybe the problems are with both the quality of film stars and the quality of films themselves. When is the last time someone had the star power of Cary Grant or Grace Kelly. Elegance of that stature went out with brilliant Brando. And brilliant modern films like The Good Shepherd are few, far between and frequently unrecognised.