Jul 26, 2013


Dexter Holland from The Offspring was recently interviewed on Marketplace. I got my first tattoo in 1995 while The Offspring was blaring in the background and always pay special attention when they make news.

And what news Dexter Holland made. Besides being the frontman for The Offspring, he is also working on his Ph.D. in molecular biology and runs a hot sauce company on the side. The hot sauce company, Gringo Bandito, was started in much the same way that Paul Newman's Newman's Own was started. Mr. Holland made some hot sauce for holiday gifts and they came back for more.

This got me thinking about one of the themes of my novels: Money makes you more of what you are. So many people think that money will solve all of their problems and make life peachy, but all you have to do is take a survey of lottery winners to realise that money is not a panacea. If anything, it is an intensifier. A slacker will become a wastrel with lots of money. Those, like Mr. Holland, who have a  passion for molecular biology will become molecular biologists working on a cure for AIDS.

The counterpoint to Mr. Holland are the Kardashians, for whom wealth has done nothing but set their bar lower.  Check out this story about Khloe Kardashian and her asinine behavior, especially compared to Charlize Theron.