Sep 10, 2015

Donald Trump: Loved Wolf Among The Sheep

In May we were facing the inevitable Hillary Clinton vs the guaranteed Jeb Bush and the collective yawn was so debilitating that royal childbirth was more interesting.

The two things that we learned from the 2008 election were: 1) Hillary Clinton is a terrible campaigner and 2) money does not guarantee an election win. We learned that last one again in 2012.

Donald Trump entered the race on June 16th and everything changed. It's becoming the funnest election that I can remember. Anyone who has read Mark Leibovich's This Town will have a pretty good idea of Hillary Clinton's character. What I haven't seen explicitly spelled out is why she is not a good fit for our current political environment.

Hillary Clinton is an introvert. We've had fifteen years of introverts and they just run out of steam in their second term (although Obama looked very happy in the Alaskan wilderness). My prediction is that we're having a national craving for an extrovert, someone like her husband, Bill Clinton. No matter what you think of Bill, he has tremendous affection for other people and when he walks into a room, he fills it. You're not getting Bill with Hillary, not the way you might want him. Uncle Joe Biden is the beloved extrovert in the Democrat field.

Step in Donald Trump, who probably hasn't had an introspective thought in his life. He's the rich guy who is notorious for bedding good looking women, has his own giant plane with his name on the side and does whatever he wants. He's a Super Bro, a sort of Archetype of the species. He's also a product of a loving father, who stepped aside so that his son could become whatever it is he's become.

Most people don't necessarily want to behave the way Trump does, but they sure as hell would like to do whatever they wanted.

Trump stood up and put the chilly finger on what's wrong with Jeb Bush. Jeb's a low energy guy. With the most simple clarity, Trump has pointed out why Jeb is so unpopular. He, too, is an introvert and seems completely taken aback by the most predictable questions.

Jeb Bush, faced with the long shadow of WMD and Tora Bora, flubs the most easily anticipated question of his political career. (Dana Milbank of The Washington Post had an excellent column about Jeb Bush's Foot In Mouth Problem.)

Now we've got Bernie Sanders challenging Hillary on the left, Ben Carson (Best Dressed Award at the first debate) quietly challenging Trump on the right, and idiots offering to go to jail for the ignorant who don't understand why we separate church and state.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for saving us from a very boring election.

Post Script: As of April 2018, I still receive a lot of traffic to this post, especially from Germany. All I can say is I am very sorry for assessing the threat of Trump in such a trivial way.