May 22, 2017

Val Kilmer, Too Good Looking

Robert Redford and Paul Newman were openly dismissive that people appreciated their good looks more than their acting. In Val Kilmer we have one of the best looking actors who appears to have done open battle with being just a pretty face.

Kilmer is experiencing a sort of Twitter Renaissance, a perfect antidote to how people use Twitter to divide a nation. Twitter can be used to reach out to people and build bridges.

My favorite quote about adolescent Hollywood comes from the brilliant writer Steve Kloves. "It was much more entertaining to watch my daughter grow up," he quips, "than it was to wait for a 50-year-old movie executive to grow up."

In a recent Guardian interview, Kilmer said, " I can’t go through an airport without someone saying ‘I’m your huckleberry.’" I always think of him as Jim Morrison in The Doors: "Where's your will to be weird?"

Watching Kilmer and Tom Sizemore fill the space around De Niro in Heat is sublime.

And there are the duds, so many of which do not seem to be his fault. Take Kilmer's starring role in Mamet's Spartan. It's more a statement of how Mamet can direct hideously awkward dialogue versus how Paul Newman can shape Mamet's dialogue into something as brilliant as The Verdict.

Kilmer's painting is the statement of a serious artist, not a pretty boy floating through life as a film star. Check out Kilmer's profound painting at The Guardian, especially versus the record selling ($110 million) Basquiat. The Basquiat is a commentary on the state of painting, exposed in Tom Wolfe's The Painted Word. Whereas Kilmer's painting stops you for a look.